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Below Ground Rhinocoat Conduit

Rovanco's Rhinocoat Conduit is designed for piping systems suitable for up to 700° F applications. Mineral wool or calcium silicate insulation and a durable 10 gauge minimum thickness conduit supplied in 40' lengths, means an economical, high-quality system.

Rovanco's Rhinocoat Conduit is provided with spooled out part numbered, cut-to-length pieces manufactured to field dimensions. All elbows and tees are manufactured at Rovanco's plant.

The outer conduit is coated with nominal 20 mil thick "state-of-the-art" Fusion Bonded Epoxy Rhinocoat.

For above ground applications the steel casing can be hot dipped galvanized.

The Rhinocoat Conduit comes complete with joint insulation and steel sleeves the same thickness as the jacket with a shrink sleeve to make the installation completely watertight - the right product for applications of high pressure steam, condensate, hi-temp hot water, etc.

Below Ground - Rhinocoat

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