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URETHANE FOAM PRE-INSULATED Download Copper O-Ring System Spec Sheet

Copper O-Ring System

  • Type K or L Copper Carrier Pipes
  • Urethane Foam Pre-Insulated
  • Strong PVC Jacket
  • Positive O-Ring Seal

Rugged Outer Jacket. This exceptionally strong PVC jacket takes harsh punishment and severe environmental conditions in stride, from high loads, prolonged moisture, corrosive chemicals, salt and fungus, to vermin, abrasion and extreme temperatures.

Urethane Foam Insulation. With an initial K factor of just .13 BTU in/hr/ft2,Urethanes heat loss is 50 percent less than the next most efficient commercial pipe insulating material. Urethane foam means minimal heat dissipation with a thickness 1/3 that needed for other insulations. Additionally, urethane foam is chemically stable and has great load bearing properties and is pre-foamed in place in our plant.

Carrier Pipe. This can either Type K or L copper, all available in all sizes ranging from 1/2 inch thru 4 inches. Ends of Copper tubing are factory dressed to exact dimensions.

Unique Coupling System. Our patented system simplifies field joints and provides specified expansion and contraction compensation, yet makes systems permanent.

20 foot segments come with a separate machined bronze coupling containing O-Ring seals.

When segments are joined with the O-Ring coupling, the O-Ring is compressed to form a watertight joint with pipe ends factory dimensioned to compensate for expansion and contraction.

After testing, the coupling area is sealed to effect a watertight joint. This results in expansion and contraction of carrier pipe without sacrificing insulation quality, outer jacket strength or impermeability.

No need for costly loops or more complex joints with O-Ring Coupling System. And you get the O-Ring's reputation as a positive seal. Used in hydraulic and other jet aircraft systems where leakage is unacceptable.

Pressure - Temperature Rating. Rovanco's O-Ring Systems are engineered and designed for 150 psig continuous working pressures through temperatures ranging from 00 to 250°F. The O-Ring seal has been tested by an independent laboratory at 12 times the designated pressure. Test reports available upon request.

Copper O-Ring

To find out more about Rovanco's Copper O-ring Coupling System, call or fax Rovanco at (815)741-6700, FAX: (815)741-4229, or visit our factory. You can also contact us via email