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Our Experience

Rovanco was formed in 1969 for the express purpose of providing factory fabricated pre-insulated piping systems. We have continued to remain in that business now for 37 years. Over the course of those years, we have provided piping systems for thousands of projects and have manufactured thousands of miles of pre-insulated, pre-fabricated, pre-engineered piping systems for steam, hot water, containment systems for fuel and hazardous chemicals, chilled water, etc. As a matter of reference, we will point out some of the more notable projects that Rovanco has supplied products for.

  1. Camp Piping for Alyeska Pipeline, Alaska
  2. Getty Oil Project, California
  3. Indiana University, Indiana
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Orange County Airport, California
  6. United Airlines, Chicago, Illinois
  7. Sunflower Army Ammunition Depot, Kansas
  8. United Airlines Maintenance Terminal, Indianapolis, Indiana
  9. Citgo Refining, Houston, Texas
  10. IBM, Fishkill, New York


In 1974 while the Alyeska Pipeline was being built, Rovanco was asked to quote the camp piping, which was to supply all the heating hot water, domestic hot water, potable water, fuel oil lines and sewage lines for the camps north of the Yukon, along the Alyeska Pipeline. We received an order from Bechtel on August 1st of 1974 for 45 miles of pre-insulated pipe with polyurethane foam, with spiral metal jacket. We also provided the electric heat tracing and all the accessory materials, including fittings, joint kits and tie-in materials. The first load shipped the third week of August. The completed order was shipped by the third week of September. We packaged all materials for the individual camps in crates. They shipped by truck into Fairbanks where they were air freighted to the various camps. Rovanco also provided field service personnel to go to each camp along the pipeline to instruct Alyeska's personnel in the means and methods to connect the piping, insulate the joints and hook up the piping to the various services. That job was completed 30 days ahead of schedule.
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Rovanco was awarded a contract by Getty Western Crude in 1980 to insulate 120 miles of 20" and 16" steel pipe with two inches of urethane foam in a polyethylene jacket. The pipe was used on a crude oil line running from Bakersfield to Coalinga, California. Rovanco moved a full manufacturing facility, including a polyethylene jacket extrusion plant, to the site in Bakersfield, California. The mobilization took 45 days! Rovanco received, inspected and sorted all of Getty Oil's pipe, insulated it and completed the project two months ahead of schedule. This project had a value of 13 million dollars. This is still the largest foam insulated piping system in the United States.
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In 1985, Rovanco was awarded a contract for $950,000 for 3 miles of 36" Ductile Iron Pipe. This pipe was used for a large chilled water loop around the University of Indiana campus. Rovanco has supplied countless other orders of pre-insulated pipe to the University of Indiana over a 20 year period.
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In 1977, Rovanco accepted an order for 740 miles of pre-insulated copper, fiberglass, steel and PVC 1/2" through 16" pipe to be installed at a new military city in Saudi Arabia. All the pipe was manufactured in Joliet, Illinois in 8 months. Our high quality and "ahead of time" delivery resulted in many smaller projects in Saudi Arabia. Rovanco delivered the product 7 months ahead of schedule. This project is still the largest pre-insulated project ever designed and installed in the world.
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In early 1989, Rovanco was awarded a contract to provide a 14" carbon steel jet fuel containment piping system for John Wayne Airport, (Orange County). This Piping system was fabricated in Joliet, cut to fit and installed in late spring and early summer of 1989. In 1991 we were awarded phase two of that system.
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In 1986, Rovanco furnished $100,000 in containment piping that extended 700 feet under the runways of the airport in 18" diameter piping. This pipe was fabricated to +/- 1/16 of an inch because it had to fit the first time or the schedule would have been missed. Although this was not an extremely large project, it was one of the first large jet fuel jobs.
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In 1992, Rovanco was awarded a contract to supply over a mile of schedule 40 stainless steel pipe for a chemical waste sewer line. This containment pipe system was installed at the Sunflower Army Ammunition Depot in Sunflower, Kansas. The installing contractor was A.D. Jacobsen Company of Kansas City, Kansas. The project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. At the time, this was the largest stainless steel chemical waste containment system in the United States.
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The United Airlines Maintenance Facility in Indianapolis, Indiana is a complex of 7 hangers, several shops and a power plant. It has more than $4,000,000 worth of containment pipe installed over a 4 year period starting in 1992. $3,600,000 worth of this pipe was supplied by Rovanco. The pipe being used for a variety of applications such as fuel, hot water, waste chemicals and chilled water. It is presently the largest containment pipe system in the world and still growing.
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In 1994 The Pritchard Company of Kansas City, Missouri awarded Rovanco a Million Dollar contract to supply containment pipe for a Citgo refinery in Houston, Texas. This steel x steel system was fabricated to B-31.3. This extremely complex system was spooled out by Rovanco in Joliet, Illinois to a tolerance of +/- 1/16 of an inch. Of the 480 pipe spools that were sent to the site, only four did not fit, those required minor on site modifications.
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In 1987, Rovanco furnished $850,000 in containment pipe products. The containment pipe was supplied in a variety of materials including, steel, PVC, CPVC, FRP, PVDF and stainless steel. In addition to this job, Rovanco completed at least nine other IBM projects dating back to 1982.
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We trust that project references will be sufficient to qualify Rovanco as a company that has wherewithal as well as the desire to provide materials for your project. If you have any questions or would like further information about Rovanco or its products, please call our corporate office in Joliet, Illinois, at (815) 741-6700.