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PEX & HDPE Flexible Pipe - Rhinoflex™

Rhinoflex Flexible Pipe

Flexible pre-insulated piping has taken over the market for 5 1/2" and smaller pre-insulated pipe because it is a high quality product and it has the lowest installed cost of any pre-insulated pipe. There are more than 1,000 miles of flexible pre-insulated pipe with PEX or PE carrier pipe installed in the U.S. and more than 20,000 miles installed worldwide over a 30 year period!

Rhinoflex pre-insulated PEX and Polyethylene comes in the longest lengths available from any supplier of flexible pre-insulated piping. The long lengths of flexible pre-insulated Rhinoflex result in few or no underground joints and up to 60% less labor resulting in an installed cost savings of 25 to 40%!

This coupled with Rovanco's "Thousands of Miles" of experience on hundreds of thousands of piping systems worldwide assures you select the right product for your PEX piping systems!

Rhinoflex Flexible Pipe

PEX Polethylene Pipe

Rhinoflex Single Crosslinked Polyethylene Chart

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