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Watch our New Conduit VideoHigh Temp Conduit

Hi-Temp Conduit comes as a complete, trouble free, long lasting watertight heat distribution system that is engineered and factory fabricated to your specifications. Rovanco's Hi-Temp Conduit System comes with a full compliment of engineering services and support from our field service representatives, including Cathodic Protection Services. When you need to transfer high temperature media, consider the following reasons for specifying Rovanco's Hi-Temp Conduit System.

Applications: Hi-Temp Conduit is specifically designed to distribute steam, condensate, high temperature hot water, process fluids and fuel oil.

Class A Concept: Hi-Temp Conduit conforms to the Class A Concept and is designed to be fully drainable, dryable and air testable.

Durability: Rovanco Hi-Temp Conduit is engineered to withstand hostile soil and water environments with a fusion bonded epoxy coating on the steel casing. Rovanco also offers "Rhinocoat", which is an extremely durable and tough epoxy outer coating that provides additional mechanical protection for the piping system.

Economical: Rovanco's Hi-Temp Conduit is designed for a long life. It is pre manufactured at our plant to assure uniformed quality and to eliminate costly field fabrication.

Thermal Efficiency: Hi-Temp conserves energy with a design that minimizes thermal loss and keeps the insulation dry, maintaining its thermal efficiency.

Versatile: Hi-Temp Conduit comes in a wide range of carrier pipe sizes 1/2" through 36". It can be manufactured in configurations to adapt to virtually any application.

Assistance: Hi-Temp Conduit , like all of Rovanco's Piping Systems, comes with professional design assistance and a reputation for quality and service earned from many years of experience in the industry. Field installations and inspection are available for all Rovanco Insul-8 installations.

Nationwide Network: Conduit and other Rovanco systems are available through Rovanco's nationwide network of engineering representatives.